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High Court encourages use of FOS to resolve disputes

United Kingdom - June 24 2016 The Commercial Court has encouraged the use of the FOS to resolve disputes, by granting a stay to enable claimants to benefit from what it described…

Under pressure: will the FOS provide accelerated dispute resolution?

United Kingdom - April 17 2015 The FOS will soon be under increased pressure to reduce the time it takes to reach its decisions following the implementation of the EU Alternative…

FCA may not be value for money, says NAO

United Kingdom - March 1 2016 The National Audit Office has reported its findings on the roles and effectiveness of the FCA, FOS and the FSCS in the management of mis-selling cases…

The Sharman inquiry’s report on going concern and liquidity risks

United Kingdom - October 2 2012 The Sharman panel, established at the invitation of the FRC, has reported on its inquiry into going concern and liquidity risks, setting out its recommendations in order to improve the management of these risks in future.

Tax avoidance: Treasury consults on extending the disclosure of tax avoidance schemes and ICAEW issues guidance

United Kingdom - October 2 2012 Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, David Gauke, has announced Government proposals to crack down on the promoters of “contrived and aggressive” tax avoidance schemes.