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Insurers to be liable to pay damages to insureds for late payment of claims

United Kingdom - May 11 2016 For insurance policies entered into after 4 May 2017, insurers could be liable to policyholders for late payment of claims. It will be an…

Richard Breavington, Sophie Newton

Implications of the Insurance Bill

United Kingdom - February 6 2015 The Insurance Bill is set to reform business insurance law in the UK. The Bill had its final reading in the House of Commons on 3 February and now…

Richard Breavington, Robert Morris

Supreme Court: seminal judgment on order in which losses must be paid

United Kingdom - August 5 2013 The Supreme Court has endorsed the Court of Appeal’s judgment that losses erode a programme of insurance as and when they are ascertained. The erosion…

Ben Gold, Simon Goldring

Interest rate hedging products mis-selling update

United Kingdom - May 30 2013 UK banks and their insurers should be aware of two major developments in relation to interest rate hedging product (IRHP) mis-selling: first, the…

James Wickes

Actual legal liability or reasonable settlements?

United Kingdom - March 18 2013 In the recent case of AstraZeneca Insurance Company Limited v XL Insurance (Bermuda) Limited and ACE Bermuda Insurance Limited [2013] EWHC 349 the…

Marcus Knight, Lucy Macdonald