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What if the CEO asks me about... Buy-Now-Pay-Later promotions?

United Kingdom - November 3 2022 As consumers battle with the rising cost of living, many face difficult decisions about how they will finance their spending. The increasingly popular…

Whitney Simpson

Hire Heels: why the rental clothing market matters

United Kingdom - September 16 2021 The old saying that "you can't wear the same outfit twice" doesn't fit well with younger consumers in particular, who are concerned about…

Poppy St John

The Great British (local) high street

United Kingdom - June 14 2021 There is no doubt that the UK high street has been hit hard in recent years, not least by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. But alongside the…

Dea Gagoshidze

What if the CEO asks me about... whether we are all set for an advertising blitz now lockdown is easing?

United Kingdom - May 24 2021 As lockdown eases in the UK and businesses start to fully re-open, there has been a significant upturn in advertising. Many brands are urgently…

Paul Joukador

What if the CEO asks me about... moving to a turnover rent model?

United Kingdom - April 13 2021 On 10 March 2021 the Government announced that existing protections for tenants on non-payment of rent and against landlords' use of forfeiture and…

Elizabeth Alibhai