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Health and Safety Bulletin - February 2022

United Kingdom - February 8 2022 In June 2017, 11 year old Harrison Ballantyne gained access to a rail freight depot in order to retrieve his football. He was able to climb on top…

Mamata Dutta, Gavin Reese, Charles Underwood

Health and safety update - June 2021

United Kingdom - June 28 2021 On 11 September 2018, Harvey Tyrell sustained a fatal electric shock whilst he was playing in the garden of the King Harold in Romford after he…

Mamata Dutta, Gavin Reese, Charles Underwood

Product Liability newsletter - April 2021

European Union, United Kingdom - April 26 2021 Welcome to the latest edition of our product liability bulletin, looking at key news articles and cases affecting the industry. In this edition we…

Mamata Dutta, Gavin Reese, Peter Rudd-Clarke, Elinor Sidwell

Wheeling and Dealing: how e-scooters could spin opportunities for insurers

United Kingdom - July 14 2020 E-scooters, or "Personal Light Electric Vehicles," have become increasingly popular on a global scale over recent years. They are both compact and…