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Permanent incapacity concerns inability to work, not permanency of medical condition

United Kingdom - July 12 2010 Mrs Wheeler (W) appealed to the High Court after the Pensions Ombudsman dismissed her claim for an enhanced early retirement pension from the pension scheme of Southern Water Services Limited (S).

Pure Legal interest only mortgage claim struck out

United Kingdom - November 5 2021 A claim brought by Pure Legal, who entered administration this week, has been struck out on limitation grounds in a further blow to claims for the…

Carina McFadden

Panama Papers - what does the leak mean for professional advisers?

Panama, United Kingdom - April 13 2016 The headlines have been full of stories about the so-called Panama Papers since their release 10 days ago. No-one yet knows who is behind the release…

FOS and the Adams v Carey decision - where are we as the Court of Appeal hearing starts?

United Kingdom - March 2 2021 Today marks the start of the appeal in Adams v Carey. At the start of the Court of Appeal hearing we look at how FOS has treated the High Court…

The importance of retainer letters

United Kingdom - February 15 2017 Court strikes out claim that an adviser owed a duty to point out a claim against a former adviser. The High Court has struck out a claim made against…