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Japan and ESG-focused M&A

United Kingdom - July 12 2022 Japan has a long history with the idea of businesses looking beyond profits. Shuchu kiyaku (code of ethics) is contained in a Japanese document from the early 17th Century and influence

Japan's quiet approach to cross-border investment is changing

United Kingdom - May 6 2021 This article highlights a few interesting insights from an interview of Nigel Collins (RPC) and Mangyo Kinoshita (southgate) conducted by Brunswick…

Japan-UK free trade agreement and Japan Inc M&A

European Union, Japan, United Kingdom - November 23 2020 Japan and the UK signed a post-Brexit bilateral free trade agreement on 23 October 2020 with an implementation date of 1 January 2021. This ensures…

Mergers and Aquisitions update August 2019

United Kingdom - September 12 2019 豪投資銀行マッコーリー(Macquarie)·グループ傘下のマッコーリー·キャピタルの欧州部門は、風力タービンを手掛ける独ウィントライヒ(Windreich)·グル ー…

Mergers and acquisitions update may 2019

European Union, Japan - September 6 2019 Originally published by NNA ( in May 2019 ここ数週間、日系、非日系を問わず顧客の新たなM&A(企業の合併·買収)取引が次々と開始されたり、交渉が進められている。投資銀行の知人たちからも、…