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No more excuses for inactive directors

Cayman Islands - September 6 2011 On 26 August 2011 the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands found that directors Stefan Peterson and Hans Ekstrom of Weavering Macro Fixed Income Fund (the “Fund”) were guilty of wilful neglect in the discharge of their duties.

Tim Bull

Statutory interest and the real world – time to bridge the gap?

United Kingdom - October 24 2011 In the UK it is accepted that the aim of compensation is to put a person back into the position they would have been in had they not suffered loss.

Hector Sants’ speech “City culture can be regulated”

United Kingdom - November 22 2010 Hector Sants, FSA Chief Executive, spoke at the Mansion House Conference on Values and Trust 2010.

Resolving PPI complaints – pay them all, defend in court or request a FOS hearing?

United Kingdom - June 14 2011 Barclays announced yesterday that it will reimburse all customers who complained about the sale of their PPI before 20 April in full (plus 8% interest) without any further investigation of the individual claims.

The world (of complaints handling and redress) according to FOS

United Kingdom - June 30 2011 Yesterday Natalie Ceeney, Chief Ombudsman, set out her vision for how the financial services complaints and redress system can be improved.