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Solicitors' Undertakings: will the lacuna in the law undermine the smooth and efficient transaction of legal business

United Kingdom - July 28 2021 Solicitors undertakings are a vital tool in legal practice to ensure the smooth running of litigation and transactional matters…

Tom Toulson

Reflective loss in claims against solicitors and accountants after Marex

United Kingdom - August 14 2020 The so called "rule against reflective loss" has been clarified in an important decision handed down by the Supreme Court in Marex Financial Ltd v…

Nicholas Bird

Privilege Absolute: documents remain privileged forever, unless privilege is waived

United Kingdom - October 21 2019 The Court of Appeal has taken a robust stance against an attempt to retrospectively redraw the boundaries of legal professional privilege in the…

Nicholas Bird

Kidsons and Kajima reviewed

United Kingdom - May 31 2019 The Court of Appeal considers the notification of a "hornet's nest" in Euro Pools Plc v Royal Sun Alliance Plc The scope of a notification of…

Nicholas Bird

Court of Appeal considers the test for dishonest assistance following Ivey

United Kingdom - April 25 2019 In Group Seven v Notable Services LLP the Court of Appeal considered and applied the two stage test of dishonesty set out by the Supreme Court in…

Nicholas Bird