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Don't (Calder)bank on an analogy to the Part 36 regime

United Kingdom - October 10 2014 When a party makes a Part 36 Offer, the consequences are clear. The rules and sanctions for failure to beat a Part 36 Offer are set out in the Civil…

Supreme Court considers the application of SAAMCo to claims against lawyers

United Kingdom - December 15 2016 The appeal is from the Court of Appeal's decision in Gabriel v Little [2013] EWCA 1513 and is proceeding in the Supreme Court today and tomorrow under…

Nicholas Bird

Aggregation under the solicitors' minimum terms: are primary layer insurers ready for potentially limitless liability?

United Kingdom - August 13 2021 In Baines v Dixon Coles & Gill the Court of Appeal has substantially limited the extent to which claims against solicitors can aggregate…

George Barratt

Solicitors' Undertakings: will the lacuna in the law undermine the smooth and efficient transaction of legal business

United Kingdom - July 28 2021 Solicitors undertakings are a vital tool in legal practice to ensure the smooth running of litigation and transactional matters…

Tom Toulson

Privilege Absolute: documents remain privileged forever, unless privilege is waived

United Kingdom - October 21 2019 The Court of Appeal has taken a robust stance against an attempt to retrospectively redraw the boundaries of legal professional privilege in the…

Nicholas Bird