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Annual Insurance Review 2018

United Kingdom - January 17 2018 The publication of the Paradise Papers in the later part of 2017 brought focus on to an array of celebrities and the accountancy world alike. As with…

Rupert Boswall, Joe Bryant, Tim Bull, Michael Cooper, Davina Given, Ben Goodier, Simon Laird, Robert Morris, David Smyth

Annual Insurance Review 2016

European Union, United Kingdom - January 9 2017 Last year we identified the standout insurance law event of 2015 as the impending introduction of the Insurance Act 2015. Little did we anticipate the…

Rupert Boswall, Joe Bryant, Tim Bull, Davina Given, Ben Goodier, James Miller, Robert Morris, David Smyth, Jonathan Wood

Altus Group Ltd v Baker Tilly Ltd

United Kingdom - March 15 2016 In this case the High Court considered how it should make loss of chance assessments in relation to tax mitigation schemes, in particular, whether…

Davina Given, Robert Morris

Recent trends at the FRC

United Kingdom - March 15 2016 Somewhat surprisingly, in the immediate wake of the financial crisis in 2008, relatively few businesses went insolvent (largely as a result of…

Barclays Bank Plc v Grant Thornton UK LLP

United Kingdom - March 15 2016 In this case the court dealt with the role of third party disclaimers (or Bannerman clauses) in audit reports. A Bannerman clause allows accountants…

Davina Given, Robert Morris