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Computers, Coronavirus and Collaboration

United Kingdom - July 3 2020 The power of AI can be seen in the world's response to global healthcare issues, most recently with Covid-19. But with great power comes great…

Genevieve Isherwood

A judgment that will "benefit" manufacturers facing the "risks" of products litigation

United Kingdom - November 15 2019 The Court of Appeal has endorsed a risk/benefit approach to determine if a product is defective, in a judgment in the long-running Seroxat litigation…

Peter Rudd-Clarke

Organ Donation: The New Law

United Kingdom - February 28 2019 An "opt-out" system for organ donation is expected to come into effect in England next year after passing the final parliamentary vote this week. In…

From rehabilitative robotics to automated imaging: educating the workforce for the digital future

United Kingdom - February 19 2019 An independent review into the future impact of digital technology identifies a pressing need for specialist training within the healthcare workforce…

Projecting into the future of the medical products sector

United Kingdom - December 13 2018 In the final instalment of our vlog series, we look at recently published books by Yuval Noah Harari and Stephen Hawking to help us better understand…

Peter Rudd-Clarke