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Thai floods local law and coverage issues

Thailand, United Kingdom - November 14 2011 Exceptional monsoon rain since late July has caused the worst fl ooding in Thailand for half a century.

Mark Errington, Victoria Sherratt

Arbitration awards – the Commercial Court will not look closely under the bonnet

United Kingdom - May 20 2010 The Commercial Court has reasserted that where possible it will uphold arbitration awards whose findings appear to be reasonable and commercial and will not subject them to unduly meticulous legal examination.

Tim Harmer, David Webster

The end of back to back reinsurance?

United Kingdom - August 3 2009 In one of the most significant reinsurance decisions of recent years, the House of Lords last week unanimously allowed the appeal of reinsurers Wasa and AGF against the Court of Appeal's judgment in favour of their US reinsured, Lexington.

Paul Dowsey, Simon Greenley, Simon Kilgour, David Webster