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ACAS Guidance - how and when should an NDA be used?

United Kingdom - March 4 2020 There has been significant concern recently about the use of confidentiality agreements or non-disclosure agreements. In response to the concerns the…

Sejal Raja

Should a company ban all workplace personal relationships?

USA - December 2 2019 McDonald’s fired its CEO, Steve Eastbrook, earlier this month due to his violation of the company policy not to have a workplace relationship…

Sejal Raja

Clarity for Contracting Out

United Kingdom - August 13 2019 The Case of The Fragrance Shop Stores v The Designer Retail Outlet Centres (Mansfield) General Partner Limited [2019] EWHC 1363 (Ch) offers some…

Mark Baker

GP partnership review

United Kingdom - February 4 2019 The final report of the GP partnership review, led by Dr Nigel Watson, was published on 15 January 2019. The report follows Secretary for Health…

Stewart Duffy

Allegations of dishonesty require context based assessment

United Kingdom - January 28 2019 The threshold for raising allegations of dishonesty in fitness to practise proceedings is low. In many cases it is not terribly difficult to construct…

Stewart Duffy