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Government “clarifies” application of state aid rules to the Feed-In Tariff

United Kingdom - March 14 2011 On 13 January, Ofgem published their "Note on compliance with State Aid de minimis rules" (the Guidance).

Wind energy update

United Kingdom - March 14 2011 It has been a busy start to the year in the wind sector.

Nuclear news: recent developments in the nuclear energy sector

United Kingdom - March 14 2011 In the current energy climate that is preoccupied with energy security and efficiency, there has been much debate surrounding whether the nuclear sector could provide sustainable, safe and low carbon energy.

Nuclear focus: the global fallout of the Fukushima disaster

European Union, Japan, United Kingdom - June 6 2011 Global confidence regarding the use of nuclear energy has been shaken by the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit northern Japan in March 2011, severely damaging the Daiichi nuclear facility in Fukushima as a result.

Mitsubishi escalates legal battle with GE over wind turbine patents

USA - July 13 2010 Mitsubishi filed an antitrust lawsuit against GE at a federal court in Arkansas near where it plans to build a $100m (£69m) wind turbine plant.