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What exactly is an “employer”: the High Court provides some answers in the Pilots’ case

United Kingdom - July 22 2010 Mr Justice Warren has delivered his eagerly anticipated judgment in the Pilots' case (more properly referred to as PNPF Trust Company Limited v Taylor and others).

Susan Jones

Trustees liable to forgotten beneficiaries: confirmation from Court of Appeal

United Kingdom - April 28 2010 The Court of Appeal has dismissed Aon's appeal in Aon Pension Trustees Ltd v MCP Pension Trustees Ltd.

Judith Clixby

The Pensions Regulator flexes its muscles: first ever contribution notice and more on Nortel

United Kingdom - July 22 2010 The Pensions Regulator issued its first determination to issue a Contribution Notice, in relation to the Bonas Group Pension Scheme, requiring a contribution of £5.089m.

Susan Jones

Automatic enrolment: more details emerging

United Kingdom - May 25 2011 With less than 18 months to go before the automatic enrolment requirements start to bite, the DWP has issued a guide for employers on the basic requirements.

Susan Jones

Incorrect benefit information: estoppel against trustees established

United Kingdom - July 22 2010 Case law over recent years has made it difficult for a beneficiary to claim an entitlement based on incorrect information.

Susan Jones