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Supreme Court: discrimination against part-time workers

United Kingdom - February 26 2013 The Supreme Court has decided that part-time fee-paid judges are "workers" protected by the Part Time Workers Directive, as their relationship with…

Judith Clixby

ECJ rejects retirement at 60 for airline pilots

European Union, Germany - September 28 2011 Since the abolition of the default retirement age of 65 from April 2011, employees can only be required to retire on the grounds of age where it can be objectively justified.

Susan Jones

Incorrect information: Ombudsman makes an award for lost earnings

United Kingdom - September 28 2011 In the majority of cases where incorrect benefit information has been provided by trustees or administrators both the courts and the Pensions Ombudsman conclude that the individual is entitled only to the benefits actually promised under the rules of the scheme (with the Ombudsman making a nominal award for distress and inconvenience).

Susan Jones

PPF levy: the importance of being accurate

United Kingdom - September 28 2011 The PPF Ombudsman has supported the decision of the PPF to decline to alter the amount of a levy invoice despite having discretion to do so as it was based on information which was “incorrect in a material respect”.

Susan Jones

VAT recovery: the wheels case rolls on

United Kingdom - September 28 2011 This long-running case was commenced in 2008 by the NAPF and the Wheels Common Investment Fund (which holds £8bn in assets for the Ford, Jaguar and Land Rover schemes) against HMRC for recovery of VAT paid by occupational pension schemes on third-party investment management fees.

Susan Jones