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Supreme Court: discrimination against part-time workers

United Kingdom - February 26 2013 The Supreme Court has decided that part-time fee-paid judges are "workers" protected by the Part Time Workers Directive, as their relationship with…

Kate Richards

Calculating pension loss: EAT says ‘pick and mix’ sometimes permissible

United Kingdom - December 16 2011 The Employment Appeal Tribunal has commented that, whilst an employment tribunal is not to be encouraged to adopt a ‘pick and mix’ approach to calculating pension loss, it may do so provided that it does so for cogent and credible reasons; it states what those reasons are; and the interests of justice require this approach.

Anne-Marie Winton

NAPF Corporate Governance Policy and Voting Guidelines 2011

United Kingdom - December 16 2011 The NAPF has published its 2011 Corporate Governance Policy and Voting Guidelines, which are intended to apply during the 2012 AGM season.

Anne-Marie Winton

Automatic enrolment timetable: extension for small businesses

United Kingdom - December 16 2011 The Government has confirmed that automatic enrolment will be introduced as planned from 1 October 2012 but that small businesses – meaning employers with fewer than 50 employees – will be required to start automatic enrolment in May 2015, instead of April 2014.

Anne-Marie Winton

PPF levy 2012/13: final levy determination and contingent asset guidance/parent company guarantees

United Kingdom - December 16 2011 The PPF has published the final 2012/13 levy determination and draft, followed swiftly by final, contingent asset guidance.

Anne-Marie Winton