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LGPS: meaning of "employing authority": South Tyneside decision overturned

United Kingdom - May 30 2009 The Court of Appeal has given judgment in the South Tyneside case, overturning the judicial review decision made in December 2007.

Anne-Marie Winton

Notional earnings cap 2010/2011

United Kingdom - February 23 2010 HMRC has announced that the notional earnings cap for 2010/2011 will be £123,600.

Anne-Marie Winton

Lehman/Nortel judgment: pension scheme is “supercreditor”

United Kingdom - December 21 2010 The High Court has decided that financial support directions can be issued against insolvent companies as well as solvent ones.

Ian Greenstreet

Supreme Court: discrimination against part-time workers

United Kingdom - February 26 2013 The Supreme Court has decided that part-time fee-paid judges are "workers" protected by the Part Time Workers Directive, as their relationship with…

Kate Richards

Abolition of public sector workforce code

United Kingdom - December 21 2010 The Government has abolished the Code of Practice on Workforce Matters in Public Sector Service Contracts from 13 December 2010 and replaced it with new voluntary 'Principles of Good Employment Practice'.

Ian Greenstreet