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Disclosure regulations: consultation on simplification

United Kingdom - February 26 2013 The DWP has published a consultation on draft regulations intended to harmonise, simplify and consolidate the disclosure regulations for occupational…

Kate Richards

GMP equalisation delayed until 2014

United Kingdom - February 26 2013 There will be no legislation on guaranteed minimum pension (GMP) equalisation until 2014, according to Pensions Minister Steve Webb. In a recent…

Kate Richards

PPF levy 2013/14: don’t miss the deadlines

United Kingdom - February 26 2013 Deadlines for submitting information to the PPF for the 2013/14 levy are approaching. It is very important for schemes not to miss these if they wish…

Kate Richards

LGPS – GAD certificates: important announcement

United Kingdom - February 26 2013 The Government Actuary's Department (GAD) has issued an announcement about the LGPS and broad comparability. Consultation is currently underway on…

Kate Richards

DWP call for evidence: DB scheme funding

United Kingdom - February 26 2013 The DWP has issued a call for evidence on the impact of funding DB pensions, as announced in the Autumn Statement, when the Chancellor expressed the…

Kate Richards