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Duty of care: game at sporting event

United Kingdom - September 14 2012 Court confirms that risk assessments cannot foresee all risks; social value of an activity has to be considered when deciding whether to allow an activity to continue.

Desai v North Essex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust 18.04.11

United Kingdom - May 27 2011 Following a claim involving a patient assault on a member of staff, where Kennedys (instructed by the NHS Litigation Authority) successfully defended allegations made against the Defendant Trust, we consider the background to the case and the tactics used to challenge allegations of negligence and breach of statutory duty.

Caroline Speight

Insolvent defendants

United Kingdom - January 30 2010 Amendments to the Third Party (Rights against Insurers) Act 1930 are long overdue, so the reforming Bill currently being fast-tracked through Parliament, the Third Party (Rights against Insurers) Bill, should be welcomed by the insurance industry.

Baker v Quantum Clothing Group and others

United Kingdom - June 12 2009 Mrs Baker’s claim was one of seven claims which were dismissed by the High Court in Nottingham in 2007.