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Periodical payment orders in catastrophic injury claims

United Kingdom - July 24 2013 Periodical payment orders (PPOs) have been available as a litigation tool for over 20 years for high value personal injury (PI) claims. When they…

Mark Burton, Peter Crossland, Christopher Malla, Janet Sayers

Claimant’s injuries: importance of documentary evidence

United Kingdom - March 20 2013 Goodman v Faber Prest Steel [05.03.13] Court of Appeal orders re-hearing where Judge accepted Claimant's account of symptoms following accident and…

Public liability: catastrophic injury

United Kingdom - February 8 2013 The case required analysis of the design responsibilities of the six parties to a construction contract. Sitting in the Technology and Construction…

Catastrophic injury: collaboration not confrontation

United Kingdom - December 17 2012 Despite its inherently adversarial nature, a collaborative approach to catastophic injury claims can prove advantageous for all parties.

Mark Burton

Fire suppression system: concurrent duties

United Kingdom - November 23 2012 Comment In the case, the Court of Appeal agreed that the Defendant had failed to comply with its obligation to exercise reasonable skill and care in designing a fire suppression system.