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Fraud - Claimant imprisoned for contempt of court

United Kingdom - October 12 2011 Claimant exaggerated his claim and signed statements of truth on documents containing false information.

Household insurance fraud: insurers need to appoint suitably specialised advisers as early as possible.

United Kingdom - March 23 2011 Everyone involved in the insurance industry knows that household insurance fraud is rising.

Miranda Cooke

Court of Appeal holds defendant solicitors liable for negligent failure to properly explain their concerns about issues arising in a commercial dispute

United Kingdom - July 30 2010 Levicom and two Swedish companies were in dispute about alleged breaches of a shareholders' agreement in an Estonian telecommunications business.

Not playing ball: what happens when an insured does not co-operate with its insurers over a claim?

United Kingdom - December 17 2009 An insured usually has an obligation under the policy to co-operate with an insurance company’s investigation of a claim.

Mandy Williams

The price of petrol: the cost of property contamination

United Kingdom - May 20 2009 The law recognises that petrochemicals in their various forms can harm land, water, the atmosphere and people.