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Lord Young - common sense? “Common sense, common safety” – a report by Lord Young of Graffham

United Kingdom - January 13 2011 Lord Young's Report into health and safety was published on 15 October 2010.

Daniel McShee, David Wright

Bribery Act 2010

United Kingdom - January 13 2011 The Bribery Act 2010 comes into force in April 2011.

Daniel McShee, David Wright

Veolia EX (UK) Ltd - roadside litter picking

United Kingdom - January 13 2011 Veolia EX (UK) Ltd were ordered to pay £225,000 in October 2010 following the death of a worker in a vehicle collision.

Daniel McShee, David Wright

Buncefield – record fines

United Kingdom - January 13 2011 In July 2010 five companies were fined a total of £9.5 million for their involvement in the fire and explosion at the Buncefield Oil Storage Depot occurring in 2005.

Daniel McShee, David Wright

Fire Safety (Employee’s Capabilities) (England) Regulations 2010

United Kingdom - January 13 2011 The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which came into force in October 2006, consolidated previous legislation in relation to fire safety and introduced the compulsory requirement for all businesses to conduct "a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment" of all premises and parts of premises.

Daniel McShee, David Wright