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Assessment of damages: suitable accommodation. Oxborrow v West Suffolk Hospitals NHS Trust [20.04.12]

United Kingdom - April 30 2012 This case confirms the approach in Eeles v Cobham Hire Services Ltd [2009] remains the court’s position when considering the appropriate level for interim payments of damages.

Margaret Duncan

Medical law brief

United Kingdom - March 26 2012 The final stage of the passage of the Health and Social Care Bill has now passed.

Tom Armstrong, Christopher Malla, Laura Roberts, Janet Sayers, Robert Tobin

Assigning personal injury claims: wanton and officious intermeddling

United Kingdom - October 31 2011 The Court of Appeal judgment has been handed down in a unique test case being managed by Kennedys, confirming that an assignment of a bare cause of action in tort for personal injury was unlawful and void for reasons of public policy.

Samantha Kemp

Jennifer Simpson (as assignee of Alan Catchpole) v Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals NHS Trust 23.03.11

United Kingdom - May 27 2011 A Court of Appeal judgment is eagerly awaited in a unique test case being managed by Kennedys, which could see claims being brought by third parties who have "bought" a cause of action.

Samantha Kemp

C v Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust [2009] LTL[PI 26.5.10

United Kingdom - July 9 2010 Claimant, aged 57 years, admitted to Defendant Trust's hospital with abdominal pains.

Tom Armstrong, Nico Fabri, Christopher Malla, Janet Sayers, Robert Tobin