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Yearworth & ors v North Bristol NHS Trust

United Kingdom - March 16 2009 Appellants claimed they suffered psychiatric injury upon learning that sperm maintained in Trust’s storage bank had become damaged when the storage equipment failed.

Mary Menjou

Anthony Moore v Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust [2010] LTLPI 12.5.10

United Kingdom - July 9 2010 Male Claimant, aged 46 years, was prescribed Linezolid by Defendant Trust's hospital for an infected wound.

Tom Armstrong, Nico Fabri, Christopher Malla, Mary Menjou, Robert Tobin

Periodical payment orders in catastrophic injury claims

United Kingdom - July 24 2013 Periodical payment orders (PPOs) have been available as a litigation tool for over 20 years for high value personal injury (PI) claims. When they…

Mark Burton, Peter Crossland, Christopher Malla, Tim Wilson

CR v James Jan Sikorski [2009] LTLPI 18.3.10

United Kingdom - April 14 2010 Forty four year old Claimant was examined by Defendant GP in relation to an arm injury when extensive mid and lower upper-arm bruising and restricted rotation was noted.

Dismissal of corporate manslaughter charge against NHS Trust

United Kingdom - January 29 2016 Yesterday, the trial of Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust and a consultant anaesthetist came to an abrupt end in the Inner London Crown Court…

David Wright