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£4.8 million in six days: the dramatic increase in health and safety fines

United Kingdom - February 1 2016 Today marks the introduction of the new sentencing Guideline for health and safety offences, the most significant development in health and safety…

Olivia Tusler

Health and safety sentencing changes

United Kingdom - December 10 2015 February 2016 will see the most fundamental change in health and safety enforcement for over 40 years, since the Health and Safety at Work Act came…

David Wright

HSE cost recovery scheme: fee for intervention

United Kingdom - October 10 2012 Earlier this year, we considered the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) proposed cost recovery scheme – "Fee for Intervention (FFI)" - and asked what it would mean for businesses.

Tracy Head, Amy Sadro, David Wright

Adding insult to injury

United Kingdom - October 10 2012 Last week, on 1 October, the HSE’s Fee For Intervention scheme went live, entitling the HSE to recover their costs of carrying out investigations and basic enforcement activity from organisations deemed by the HSE to be in contravention of Health and Safety (H&S) legislation.

David Wright

Increasing numbers of asbestos prosecutions

United Kingdom - September 30 2011 Last week, Marks & Spencer were fined £1m in relation to works involving asbestos at stores in the South of England.