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Top tips for defending noise induced hearing loss claims

United Kingdom - October 29 2012 The Supreme Court decision in Baker v Quantum Clothing Ltd [2011] was seen as having prevented the opening of the floodgates of industrial deafness claims.

VWF professional negligence litigation

United Kingdom - September 30 2011 Around 50,000 coalminers have potential claims for undercompensation following settlement of claims brought under a coal health compensation scheme.

Sarah Mawbey, Susanna Hercman

Limitation: date of knowledge in RSI claim

United Kingdom - May 3 2013 Court of Appeal upholds decision in favour of Defendant; Claimant had the requisite knowledge to bring a claim for many years. This is another example…

Fairchild exception extended to lung cancer claims

United Kingdom - February 17 2016 The Court of Appeal has extended the exception set out in Fairchild v Glenhaven Funeral Services Ltd [2002] to asbestos induced lung cancer claims…

Noise induced hearing loss: limitation

United Kingdom - May 3 2013 Kennedys successfully defends claim for noise induced hearing loss in Court of Appeal; Claimant’s date of knowledge considered. A claimant cannot not…