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When an English jurisdiction clause in a bill of lading will be deemed exclusive

United Kingdom - February 17 2015 The facts of the underlying dispute in this case are less interesting than the Court’s findings that the English law and jurisdiction clause in the…

Max Cross.

Evidence not before tribunal shut out by court on appeal

United Kingdom - November 12 2014 When an arbitration award is appealed to the Court on the grounds that the Tribunal had no substantive jurisdiction, there is a complete rehearing…

David Mcinnes.

Court construes “notices” provision in GAFTA 64 contract

United Kingdom - August 6 2014 The decision in this case provides helpful guidance on the construction of the "Notices" provision in GAFTA 64 (General Contract for grain in bulk…

Stuart Shepherd.

The recast Brussels Regulation: reinforcing the arbitration exception

European Union - January 30 2014 The Brussels Regulation governs the jurisdiction and enforcement of judgments in civil matters in the EU. The basic rule is that a defendant should…

Ian Chetwood.

Limits to appealing arbitration awards to Court of Appeal

United Kingdom - July 11 2013 Under the Arbitration Act 1996 ("the Act"), there are limited circumstances in which an arbitration award can be appealed to the High Court. If leave…

Jonathan Elvey.