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More pitfalls for owners looking to terminate for unpaid hire

United Kingdom - November 7 2014 It is a debatable point whether or not the obligation to pay hire under a time charter is a condition of the contract or not, notwithstanding the…

Paul Herring

Court of Appeal gives revised guidance on court’s attitude to non-compliance with Civil Procedure rules

United Kingdom - July 16 2014 In November 2013, in the now famous Mitchell v. Newsgroup Newspapers, the Court of Appeal sent shock waves through the legal community with its…

Bob Deering

Piercing the corporate veil: Supreme Court clarifies the English law position

United Kingdom - September 24 2013 The Supreme Court has recently issued a decision confirming that English law permits a claimant to ignore the separate legal identity of a company…

Denys Hickey

Supreme Court confirms legal advice privilege extends only to legal profession

United Kingdom - April 25 2013 The Supreme Court has recently delivered an important decision on the question of whether legal advice privilege covers communications between a…

Nick Burgess