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A problem shared - Attribution and the challenges it poses for cyber war exclusions

United Kingdom - June 30 2022 In the context of cyber war exclusion clauses, attribution means apportioning responsibility for a cyber operation to a state or to a non-state actor…

Julian Miller

Amendments to the Security of Network and Information Systems Regulations

United Kingdom - April 29 2022 The Security of Network and Information Systems Regulations 2018 (‘the 2018 NISR’) established a regulatory framework for network and information…

Hans Allnutt

Navigating Aviation Cyber Risk

United Kingdom - March 24 2022 The civil aviation industry has experienced some of the most high profile cyber-attacks of recent years. In 2018, three huge breaches targeted major…

Alex Stovold

Marine Cyber Risk - A Primer for Landlubbing Lawyers

United Kingdom - March 3 2022 After a flurry of regulatory and governance activity in 20171, market attention towards marine cyber risks had gone comparatively quiet until 2021…

State-led Offensive Cyber Operations Return to the Fore

Global, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom - March 3 2022 The shocking events taking place in Ukraine, and increased speculation regarding offensive cyber operations emanating from Russia, have driven…

Hans Allnutt