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The CMA CGM LIBRA - the buck stops with the owners when a vessel is rendered unseaworthy due to a defective passage plan

China, United Kingdom - November 18 2021 The Supreme Court has recently handed down its judgment on appeal in Alize 1954 v. Allianz Elementar Versicherungs AG, which considered the scope of…

Elliot Black, Jagtar Boparai

Informed Insurance Predictions 2021 - Marine, Energy and Transport

Canada, United Kingdom - February 19 2021 Our international experts offer their predictions on the opportunities and challenges facing the Marine, Energy and Transport market.

Anthony Menzies

Marine, energy and transport Predictions 2020

Australia, United Kingdom - January 21 2020 From crewless vessels to misdeclared dangerous cargo, we offer our international experts’ predictions on the opportunities and challenges that the…

Anthony Menzies

The drive for automation

Australia, European Union, France, Germany, United Kingdom - September 30 2019 The drive towards automated vehicles is Accelerating and concentrating minds around the globe on the associated legal, regulatory, technical and…

Peter Allchorne, Shehana Cameron-Perera, Wendy Hopkins, Pilar Rodríguez Lopez, Olya Melnitchouk, Stephen Turner, Christophe Wucher-North

50 Predictions: Marine, Aviation & Transport and Energy

United Kingdom - September 27 2018 In this excerpt from DAC Beachcroft's 'Insurance Remodelled: 2018/19 Market Conditions and Trends' report, Anthony Menzies and Toby Vallance predict…

Anthony Menzies