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Revoking Vnuk: Further progress

United Kingdom - January 10 2022 Despite the usual odds of any Private Member’s Bill reaching the statute books being even lower than those of England winning an Ashes series in…

Annabel Lingham, Andrew Parker

Rolling back Vnuk: The UK lags behind

European Union, United Kingdom - December 14 2021 In our previous alert Compulsory Insurance: All Change at Home and Abroad, we reported on the moves by the UK and in Europe to address the…

Annabel Lingham, Andrew Parker

Changes to the Highway Code

United Kingdom - December 7 2021 On 1 December, the Department for Transport laid before parliament the statutory instrument necessary to implement the proposed changes to the…

Caroline Hall, Michael McCabe

DACB promotes safety over speed in the regulation of new technologies

United Kingdom - November 24 2021 DAC Beachcroft has published its response to the Department for Transport (DfT)’s short paper on modernising vehicle standards, as part of a wider…

Michael McCabe

Bumps in the road: an update on e-scooters

United Kingdom - September 23 2021 Since June 2020, the Government has allowed trial use of e-scooters across the country, and dozens of local authorities have taken the opportunity to…

Caroline Hall, Michael McCabe