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ESG claims against Directors: will it all come out in the wash?

United Kingdom - October 14 2022 In our March newsletter, we considered the risks posed to directors and officers by activist investors (link here). In this article we consider…

Sarah Crowther

UK Legislative Developments and the Impact on Cyber

United Kingdom - September 30 2022 Much has been written about the UK’s data protection legislation reform agenda and its apparent lack of impact on the world of cybersecurity. However…

Eleanor Ludlam

A new Task Force report on Confronting Reality in Cyber Space has been published by the Council for Foreign Relations

European Union, United Kingdom - August 30 2022 The Council for Foreign Relations is a US policy think tank founded in 1921. It has sponsored its latest Task force to produce a report on the state…

Hans Allnutt

Schrems II releated enforcement actions continue to rise: Google’s “risk-based approach” for data transfers violates GDPR

European Union, United Kingdom - May 31 2022 On 22 April 2022, the Austrian Data Protection Authority (the “DSB”) issued its second decision regarding the legality of Google Analytics following…

Charlotte Halford

EDPB adopts guidelines on the calculation of fines under the GDPR

European Union - May 23 2022 On 16 May 2022, the European Data Protection Board (“EDPB”) announced adopted Guidelines which are set to create a consistent methodology for…

Eleanor Ludlam