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How can Businesses avoid Data Breach Blind Spots?

United Kingdom - October 29 2021 Data breaches require considerable time and resources to resolve. The damage can be extensive, from financial costs and operational downtime to…

Patrick Hill, Eleanor Ludlam

Cyber Crime on Your Doorstep - Social Housing Sector Focus

United Kingdom - September 30 2021 Councils and social housing institutions have not been exempt from the rise in cyber attacks over the past few years. This is especially the case as…

Amanda Fosu

Ransomware - When should you negotiate?

United Kingdom - September 30 2021 For eight years, Kivu has been helping organisations respond to ransomware attacks which in many cases includes us negotiating with the attackers…

Patrick Hill, Eleanor Ludlam

Accidental data breaches: compensation claims and courts

United Kingdom - August 27 2021 Companies are increasingly faced with compensation claims made under the UK GDPR for low-level accidental data breaches. This article addresses…

Patrick Hill, Eleanor Ludlam

Guest Article: Saying the right thing is critical when it comes to a cyber crisis

United Kingdom - June 24 2021 When it comes to a crisis many businesses will have plans and processes in place. The better prepared have them pulled together and logically…

Patrick Hill, Eleanor Ludlam