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Admit in haste: Repent at Leisure

United Kingdom - February 17 2022 While there are significant benefits in making early admissions of liability, the limiting of costs being the most obvious, there are dangers of…

William Swift

“When we stop taking risks, we stop living life”

United Kingdom - September 2 2021 Adding to the burgeoning canon of cases in which courts have accepted that accidents do happen and that not every injured Claimant has a right of…

Richard Rowe, William Swift

Workplace accidents: When does fault arise?

United Kingdom - August 18 2021 In the recent case of Johnson v National Platforms Limited (County Court in Sunderland), the Claimant brought a claim for damages against his…

William Swift

Medical Agency Costs Ruled Irrecoverable Under The Fixed Costs Regime

United Kingdom - June 15 2021 Deputy District Judge Akers, sitting in the County Court at St. Helens, has given a judgment in a fixed costs case, Powles v Hemmings F20YM309 (23rd…

Kate Archer, Adam Burrell

Proposal To Increase Court Fees

United Kingdom - May 4 2021 The Ministry of Justice have opened a public consultation which ends on 17 May 2021, proposing to increase a number of selected court fees as well as…

William Swift