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Anti-suit Injunctions in the Post-Brexit World

European Union, United Kingdom - September 26 2022 If two parties (A and B) enter into a contract conferring exclusive jurisdiction on the English court, then in principle only the English court may…

Franc Gozalvez

Commercial Court upholds CMR Convention limits Knapfield v. C.A.R.S Holdings Ltd & Ors (2022)

United Kingdom - June 16 2022 The Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (the CMR Convention) has been ratified by most European states, and…

Franc Gozalvez, Emma Lidstrom

Credit risk cover in a marine cargo policy - Court of Appeal issues judgment in ABN Amro case

United Kingdom - December 13 2021 The Claimant in these proceedings (the Bank) entered into commodity financing transactions, colloquially known as “repo” contracts, under which it…

Franc Gozalvez

Cobertura de riesgo crediticio en una póliza de carga marítima - El Tribunal de Apelación (Court of Appeal) de Inglaterra emite sentencia en el caso ABN Amro

United Kingdom - December 13 2021 El demandante en este procedimiento fue el Banco, el cual había realizado una serie de transacciones de productos financieros, conocidos…

Franc Gozalvez

Does a court seised of limitation proceedings under the Limitation Convention have jurisdiction to discharge a P&I Club Letter of Undertaking?

Singapore - May 24 2021 On 23 December 2019 the island of Malta suffered a nationwide power outage, following damage to an underwater connector cable operated by Enemalta…

Franc Gozalvez