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ASPIC clarifies rules of the employment of Counsel

United Kingdom - November 22 2019 In cases raised in the Court of Session the Instruction of an Advocate or Solicitor-Advocate is required. In the Sheriff Courts, the position is much…

John Maillie, Stephanie Seidel

Supreme Court settles the debate on who deals with Unidentified Driver cases

United Kingdom - November 22 2019 In Cameron v Liverpool Victoria Insurance Co Ltd [2019] UKSC 6 the Claimant’s vehicle was in collision with a “hit and run” vehicle. The vehicle…

John Maillie, Stephanie Seidel

Court of Session decides when Defenders need to show their hand

United Kingdom - November 22 2019 In B v Inverurie Skip Hire Ltd [2019] CSOH 47 the pursuer suffered head injuries in an accident for which the defenders had admitted liability and…

John Maillie, Stephanie Seidel

Get a Grip!

United Kingdom - March 14 2016 The Supreme Court has issued its unanimous decision and handed down what is being described as a landmark opinion. The facts of the case are…

The strength of your convictions?

United Kingdom - February 3 2016 A motion for summary decree made by the pursuers in a fatal case was refused by the Court of Session, despite the fact that the first defenders had…

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