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Named and Shamed? ICO now publishing names of organisations suffering data breaches

United Kingdom - December 15 2022 One of the key considerations for any organisation facing a data breach is to avoid publicity around the breach and any criticism from regulators…

Hans Allnutt, Astrid Hardy

LMA guidance to handling a ransomware claim incident

United Kingdom - January 31 2022 In the wake of the surge of ransomware attacks in recent years hitting the London and international insurance markets, the Lloyd’s Market Association…

Patrick Hill

Cyber Crime on Your Doorstep - Social Housing Sector Focus

United Kingdom - September 30 2021 Councils and social housing institutions have not been exempt from the rise in cyber attacks over the past few years. This is especially the case as…

Hans Allnutt

Have you paid the price? Beware of ransomware

United Kingdom - August 27 2021 Ransomware is recognised by many as one of the top current threats in cybersecurity. Of particular note is the August 2021 report by Accenture which…

Sector Focus: Public Transport

United Kingdom - July 27 2021 Following on from our focus on the food manufacturing and education sectors, an additional sector which has recently fallen victim to the increasing…