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Clouded judgment: when is software regulated as a medical device?

European Union, United Kingdom - May 14 2018 Technology is revolutionising medicine and software is increasingly used in healthcare to help both patients and clinicians in their decisions. But…

Christian Carr, Hamza Drabu

The EU Proposal for Regulation of Artificial Intelligence: meaningful steps toward grasping the medico-legal nettle?

European Union, United Kingdom - May 5 2021 On 21 April, the European Commission published its bold proposal1 for a regulation laying down harmonised rules governing artificial intelligence. As…

Jonathan Bonser, Christian Carr, Hamza Drabu

Investigating Defective Products under the Consumer Protection Act 1987

United Kingdom - September 13 2017 It is not necessary to show how a defect in a product was caused but it is necessary to establish that there is a defect. In Baker v KTM…

Simon Pearl

Product Liability Decision Finds for Pinnacle Metal on Metal Hip Manufacturer

United Kingdom - May 23 2018 In the much-anticipated Depuy Pinnacle Metal on Metal (MoM) Hip Litigation decision, Mrs Justice Andrews has found that the defendant manufacturer was…

Olya Melnitchouk, Simon Pearl

Emerging Technologies - the use of Robotics in surgical procedures

United Kingdom - December 17 2019 The use of technology in the healthcare sector is rapidly expanding and continues to play a key role in the evolution of the range of healthcare…

Hamza Drabu, Darryn Hale, Louise kane