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US v UK: a comparison of the US's "obstruction of justice" offence and the UK's "perverting the course of justice" offence

United Kingdom, USA - July 7 2017 President Trump has come under major scrutiny in recent weeks and months over allegations that he attempted to obstruct the FBI investigation into his…

Clare Reeve, Aaron Stephens.

Navigating Volkswagen through the smog: a legal risk analysis

European Union, United Kingdom - September 28 2015 Volkswagen recently admitted using software in the US to "fool" emission tests and thereby give a better test result than is justified. Five days…

Graham Shear, Rebecca Wardle.

SFO v ENRC and the implications for legal professional privilege

United Kingdom - July 7 2017 On 8 May 2017, the SFO received a judgment in its favour (SFO v ENRC [2017] EWHC 1017), which declared that all but one category of documents…

Clare Reeve, Aaron Stephens.

Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation has been established

United Kingdom - April 4 2016 On 31 March 2016, HM Treasury announced that the Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (“OFSI”) had officially been established. In their…

Aaron Stephens.

Corporate crime implications of the election result

United Kingdom - July 7 2017 Theresa May's underwhelming victory in the 2017 General Election has rendered the future of her corporate crime-related manifesto pledges, as well as…

Clare Reeve, Aaron Stephens.