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Travel Newsletter - Winter 2016

European Union, United Kingdom - November 30 2016 The text of the Package Travel Directive (the Directive) was published in...

Sarah Barnes, Iain Donaldson, Laura Halfhide, Andrew Hill, Mona Jackson, Joanna Kolatsis, Alastair Long, Maria Pittordis, David Scott

Van der Lans -v- KLM: Huzar part two?

United Kingdom - December 16 2014 As is now all too familiar to the airline industry, in a landmark ruling, the Court of Appeal in Huzar held that a delayed or cancelled flight 'is…

Joanna Kolatsis, Jeremy Robinson

The disappeared

Global - June 10 2014 Major aircraft losses are thankfully a rare occurrence in the age of modern civil aviation; however the disappearance of Flight MH370 provides a…

Joanna Kolatsis