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ECJ rules compensation payable for sudden airline strikes causing delay/cancellation

European Union - April 20 2018 Industrial action has generally been considered to be ‘extraordinary circumstances’ and therefore defendable under EC Regulation 261/2004. This has…

Lucy Schofield (Hollis)

UK Supreme Court refuses Emirates permission to appeal

United Kingdom - March 19 2018 In October 2017 we covered the joined cases of Gahan -v- Emirates and Buckley and Ors -v- Emirates [2017] EWCA Civ 1530, in which the UK Court of…

Lucy Schofield (Hollis)

Operating carriers at risk of Regulation 261/2004 claims even when they are not the contracting carrier

European Union, United Kingdom - October 26 2017 The industry is well acquainted with the vast array of EC Regulation 261/2004 (‘EC 261/2014’) decisions. Whilst it waits with baited breath for signs…

Lucy Schofield (Hollis), Alastair Long

EU Presidency and Parliament Provisional Agreement to extend the ‘stop the clock’ EU ETS derogation

European Union - October 24 2017 Last week, the EU Presidency and Parliament reached a provisional agreement which seeks to extend the EU ETS derogation relating to international…

Lucy Schofield (Hollis), Alastair Long

UK Court of Appeal rules that non-EU airlines operating connecting flights into or out of the EU are liable to pay compensation for delay

European Union, United Kingdom - October 17 2017 On 12 October 2017 the court of appeal found against Emirates Airline (Emirates) in joined claims brought by Miss Gahan and the Buckley family…

Lucy Schofield (Hollis), Alastair Long