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Life Sciences and the Law - November 2022

United Kingdom - November 21 2022 This time of year is always especially busy and from legal perspective there are regulatory and compliance changes ahead that business owners need to…

Michael Corcoran, James Lawford Davies

Community Diagnostics Centres - an ongoing priority for the NHS - but one size does not fit all

United Kingdom - November 14 2022 Securing faster testing and diagnosis closer to home through attendance at a Community Diagnostic Centre (CDC) remains a priority for the NHS, a…

Robert McGough

Planning for ESG - what healthcare practitioners in private practice should be considering

United Kingdom - August 31 2022 As governments, organisations, and individuals around the world focus more on ESG, it is becoming increasingly important to understand what this is…

Gemma Badger

NHS Green planning - how is the public sector focussing on sustainability and ESG issues, and what does this mean for private hospitals, clinics and technology providers?

United Kingdom - August 17 2022 With its target for reaching net carbon zero for emissions it controls directly by 2040, and emissions it can influence by 2045, the NHS became the…

Gemma Badger

Legal solutions for a changing world

United Kingdom - June 27 2022 Many companies are experiencing growing pressure from customers, investors and regulators to improve their ESG performance. Indeed, strong ESG…

Beth Bradley, Rachel Hoyland, Jaspal Sekhon