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Commercialising university intellectual property

United Kingdom - March 27 2020 In the laboratories and lecture halls of the UK’s world-leading medical research universities, some of the brightest minds are collaborating to create…

Jamie Foster

Apps and Traps: Legal issues to address in commercialising medical devices

European Union, United Kingdom - January 13 2022 As the healthtech market continues to grow, so too does the range of legal issues that suppliers need to consider to successfully commercialise their…

Jonathan Gillow, Richard Parker

A short guide to regulation for disruptive technologies

United Kingdom - November 13 2019 Regulation, by necessity, introduces rigidity to otherwise flexible processes. Done proportionately, this can be an efficient societal…

Jamie Foster, Nils Hoppe

Clean meat

United Kingdom - January 15 2020 Investor attention on the clean meat industry, which has been described as ‘being on the cusp of the biggest economic transformation, of any kind…

Melissa Campbell, Michael Corcoran, Jamie Foster

Leaving the EU - implications for the life sciences and medical technology industry

European Union, United Kingdom - January 30 2020 With the UK set to leave the EU on 31 January 2020, there are still no guarantees as to the terms on which this will happen. An agreement may be…

Eleanor Coets