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Decarbonisation and shipping: ports

European Union, United Kingdom - July 13 2022 In the drive to decarbonise shipping much of the focus centres on reducing carbon emissions created on board vessels, reinforcing a perception that…

Rachel Hoyland

Dealing with cyber risks - before it is too late

United Kingdom - November 26 2020 Historically, cyber-attacks have traditionally focused on attempts to obtain personal or financially sensitive data. However, by their very nature…

Michael French

UK port workers and COVID-19 (coronavirus)

United Kingdom - April 28 2020 A few weeks ago, we wrote a piece seeking to identify the major port-Related Issues associated with COVID-19. We stated that ‘the threats to the UK…

Mark Cranshaw, Tony McDonach

UK ports and coronavirus - Employment considerations

United Kingdom - April 3 2020 During this rather unusual and challenging time, UK ports are under incredible pressures both to ensure critical business operations continue and to…

Mark Cranshaw, Luke Green, Tony McDonach

UK ports and coronavirus

United Kingdom - February 11 2020 With vessels and passengers facing restrictions and even quarantine as the shipping industry addresses the global coronavirus outbreak, Tony McDonach…

Tony McDonach