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Unsafety revisited – abnormal occurrence in the “ocean victory”

United Kingdom - February 12 2015 In July 2013, Mr Justice Teare handed down a judgment in the "OCEAN VICTORY" that appeared to set a high threshold for charterers to reach in…

Darren Wall


United Kingdom - February 12 2015 In this recent jurisdictional challenge, the Commercial Court had to decide which of two inconsistent arbitration clauses in a charterparty was…

Gordon Campbell

The “global santosh”

United Kingdom - May 23 2014 The Court of Appeal dismissed an appeal against the Commercial Court’s interpretation of a ‘Capture, Seizure, Arrest’ clause in a time charter. The…

Edward Hicks

Proton Energy Group SA -v- Orlen Lietuva [2013]

United Kingdom - April 1 2014 This case concerned a dispute over whether a contract had been formed during oil trading and the legal consequences of the oil cargo failing to meet…

Claire Messer

The “ladytramp”

United Kingdom - April 1 2014 The vessel was chartered on the Sugar Charter Party 1999 form, on terms which provided for the carriage of bulk sugar from ‘1-2 safe berth(s), 1 safe…

Gordon Campbell