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COP27 and the global energy sector - a hazy outlook

Global - November 9 2022 Post-Ukraine upheaval in energy markets makes this year's UN climate summit unpredictable for the industry Start with the one thing everyone can…

Jannis Bille, Silke Goldberg

COP27 and the UK energy sector - between a rock and a hard place

United Kingdom - November 8 2022 In 2021 the UK enshrined in law a pledge to reduce emissions by 78% by 2035 (compared to 1990 levels), with an overarching commitment to reach net…

Jannis Bille, Silke Goldberg, Sarah Pollock

What does Climate Change mean for Africa and why should it matter?

South Africa - September 1 2021 As nations around the world continue to battle through the COVID-19 era of Lock downs and social distancing we are generally inundated with news on…

Jannis Bille, Silke Goldberg, Peter Leon, Ernst Müller