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Asia data protection update

China - November 10 2021 New security assessment rules, which are applicable to the transfer of both important data and personal information outside of China, have been…

Peggy Chow, Nanda Lau

China’s Personal Information Protection Law creates challenges for compliance

China - August 31 2021 China’s Personal Information Protection Law (“PIPL”) was passed on 20 August 2021. PIPL presents certain challenges for compliance, which is required…

Peggy Chow, Nanda Lau

China strengthens national security review of foreign investments

China - March 10 2021 China has recently introduced a new national security review regime for any foreign investment that affects or may affect China's national security…

Gavin Guo, Nanda Lau, Angela Zhao

The international covid-19 response: an overview

Global - May 14 2020 The European Energy Handbook usually reports on regulatory, legal and market developments in the European energy sector. However, these are not usual…

Scott Aitken, Nick Altini, Gustavo Arroyo, Nick Baker, Andrew Blacoe, Dr Marius Boewe, David Clinch, Glynn Cooper, Mathias Dantin, David Dawborn, Robert Dawes, Anthony Ellis, David Gilmore, Peter Godwin, Matthew Goerke, Silke Goldberg, Calvin Ho, Benjamin Hopps, Katerina Jovanovska, Sahil Kher, Hilary Lau, Nanda Lau, Christian Leathley, Peter Leon, Jie Li, Esther Lumbreras, Isha Mehmood, Francesca Morra, Ken Nam, Lorenzo Parola, Ignacio Paz, Olga Revzina, Alexei Roudiak, David Ryan, Milagros Sanz, Debby Sulaiman, Monica Sun, Evgeny Yuriev

COVID-19: Pressure Points: China implements comprehensive measures to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on foreign investment (China)

China - April 7 2020 COVID-19 has caused significant disruptions to the operations of many foreign-invested enterprises in China. In response to this, various government…

Karen Ip, Nanda Lau