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COVID-19 Business interruption Insurance - Round 1 of Second ICA test case to insurers

United Kingdom - October 29 2021 Insurers have won the first round of the Second ICA test case on business interruption insurance cover for losses arising from COVID-19 related…

Mark Darwin

Insurer confirmed to have waived its rights goodbye

Australia - September 22 2021 By a 2-1 majority, the Full Court of the Federal Court has upheld last year’s decision to treat an insurer’s confirmation of coverage as being…

Mark Darwin

New ISO whistleblowing guidelines: implications for Australian and global businesses

Australia - August 6 2021 New guidelines for whistleblower management systems have been recently released by ISO (the International Organisation for Standardisation) (ISO…

Madeline Ryan, Jacqueline Wootton

COVID-19 Insurance Update: Insurers’ win round one in Star Casino claim based on loss resulting from action by authorities

Australia, United Kingdom - August 6 2021 The Chief Justice of the Federal Court has dismissed an insurance claim by Star Casino for its COVID-19 related business interruption losses. The…

Mark Darwin

COVID-19 Insurance Update: Another win for policyholders - where are we now? (Australia)

Australia, United Kingdom - June 30 2021 Policyholders have had another win in the ongoing test cases relating to insurance coverage for COVID-19 related business interruption. Specifically…

Mark Darwin