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When notification and disclosure collide

Australia - August 11 2022 A claim under a Directors and Officers liability policy for investigation, defence and settlement costs has ended with the New South Wales Supreme…

Mark Darwin, Guy Narburgh

Australian court rejects insurance declination, highlighting complexity of non-disclosure issues

Australia - July 12 2022 A recent decision of the New South Wales Supreme Court1 demonstrates the scepticism with which courts will view insurers who say they would have…

Samara Cassar, Mark Darwin

Covid-19 business interruption insurance -insurers win appeals in second ICA test case and star casino claim

Australia - February 24 2022 The Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia (3 judges) has generally confirmed the first instance decisions in the Second ICA Test Case1 and the…

Mark Darwin

The Big Red Bash fails to recover under Event Cancellation insurance following COVID-19 related cancellation

Australia - February 17 2022 The Federal Court of Australia has upheld the denial of an event Cancellation insurance claim based on a communicable disease exclusion which was…

Mark Darwin

Policyholder insurance highlights 2021

USA - January 25 2022 Coverage for business interruption caused by COVID-19 continues to be the hot-topic in the current insurance market - both in Australia and around…

Mark Darwin, Anne Hoffmann, Guy Narburgh